Support for the Somerset Garden

In the spring of 2012, a team of Somerset parents collaborated with Principal Morris, Building Services Manager Matt Benson, and a representative from the Audubon Society to develop a small garden on the school grounds.  They were eager to make the most of a new opportunity:  after many years of discouraging school garden programs, recently MCPS reversed this policy.  This “Green Team” developed garden plans that supported the current science and/or social studies curricula for each grade level.  More broadly, the goal was to give students exposure to the growing process, the life cycle of plants, and the source of their salads.  Tending the gardens would provide hands-on, cooperative learning and welcome participation from all grade levels and their families.  The Garden Committee requested funds to buy supplies to create the infrastructure and the planting materials.  Following the recommendation by the SAC, the PTA and Foundation agreed to provide the funds requested with equal contributions.

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