Somerset “Field of Dreams” Baseball Game is a Home Run!

Somerset Baseball Fall 2015 4 pm team Somerset Baseball Fall 2015 7 pm

On Saturday, September 19th, 40 Somerset dads suited up in uniform, dusted off their cleats, bats, and gloves, and took the field, all to support Somerset’s “Play It Forward” Field Campaign!  The double header, with games played at 4pm and 7pm, took place at Shirley Povich Field in Cabin John.  In between the games, all had a chance to take the field, measure their pitching speed with a radar gun, release their inner Ryan Zimmerman at the Home Run Derby, and run the bases.  Ticket sales to over 150 spectators together with generous contributions from the ball players raised over $6,000, all going directly to the Somerset Field Campaign.   Special thanks to Jim Kambouris who organized the whole event (down to the walk-up music and nicknames!), Perry Smith for basically playing the role of Somerset Baseball GM, and Jon Budington for providing the printing of the program booklets.   Thank you to all who played and came to watch!