Somerset FieldTurf – Frequently Asked Questions

This post contains Frequently Asked Questions about the FieldTurf surface on the field at Somerset, which was supported by the Foundation through the Play It Forward campaign. The information here integrates current data and facts about the field with the original FAQ from the campaign. The campaign FAQ is unaltered here and is also preserved as a PDF in its original form.

Q.       What kind of infill does the field have?

A.       The field has an organic “cork granule” infill, compliant with MCPS policy. The infill was most recently checked in October 2018 and was confirmed as cork granule.

Q.       What about the FieldTurf report on the MCPS website?

A.        The October 2018 FieldTurf report that was originally posted had the wrong data from FieldTurf, and has been replaced. The corrected report is available via the MCPS Google Drive, but is also available here as a PDF.