2018-2019 Grants Approved By The Foundation

  • 11/1/19: $4,500 for Digital Oral Reading Records at Somerset Elementary
  • 10/15/19: $55 for Montgomery County Fingerprinting (required for certain chaperone duties) at Somerset Elementary
  • 10/12/19: $500 for New and Multicultural Parent Committee at Somerset Elementary
  • 10/12/19: $6,568.30 for Spring After School Clubs at Somerset Elementary
  • 9/20/19: $796 for PESI Workshop
  • 9/18/19: $2,550 for BrainPop educational technology at Somerset Elementary.
  • 9/18/19: $200 for spelling reference books at Somerset Elementary.
  • 5/28/19: $10,000 for food, clothes, and other essentials for children in need at Somerset Elementary.
  • 3/26/19: $1072 for Ms Flores and Ms Reed to attend Common Ground Conference in Maryland.
  • 3/26/19: $5648 for 8 New Computers to replace current, out of date Dell laptops
  • 2/15/19: $665 for a one-year subscription to Raz Plus, a computer platform that helps teachers work with English language learners.  Over 17% of SES students are ESOL.
  • 2/15/19: $1,061 for coding computers and software to be used at the February 20 STEM night and beyond.
  • 1/22/19: Request for $933 from SES 5th grade teachers for Junior Scholastic subscriptions for all 5th grade students. Requester: Melissa Hopkins.
  • 1/22/19: $3,750 to fund six SES staff members to lead after-school Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) with other SES staff in the areas of STEM, reading, and student/community engagement.  The PLCs also coordinate and organize the STEM Night and Family Reading Night at SES.  Requester: Maureen Turner.=
  • 11/27/18: $2,000 to fund a Wings Mentorship for four elementary school students with learning disabilities — two from SES and two from other MCPS elementary schools.  The program pays mentors (former teachers) $500 each to work closely with the students and help them design and research a project, culminating in a presentation that showcases their skills and strengths.
  • 11/27/18: $2,218 to fund a program at Whetstone Elementary School (not Title I but 60% FARMS and 42% ESOL) to purchase various items (earbuds, bracelets, t-shirts, etc.) as incentives to students who read 25 books (outside of those assigned for class) during the school year.
  • 9/27/18: $12,370 to fund the After School Clubs that provide remedial assistance to Somerset students in need of math, reading, and writing assistance.
  • 9/27/18: $2,395 to fund a subscription to BrainPOP, an interactive educational website focusing on STEM education and used by all grades at Somerset Elementary School.
  • 9/27/18: $198 to fund spelling reference books for all 3rd grade students at SES to enhance writing skills.
  • 9/27/18: $2,016 to fund purchase of 8 new chromebooks for 3rd grade SES team.
  • 9/27/18: $2,114 to fund the purchase of six 2-way radios to enhance school safety and security for Sequoyah Elementary School, a Montgomery County school that, while not a Title I designee, has a 61% FARMS eligibility rate (for free and reduced priced meals).
  • 8/28/18: $1,075 to fund SES kindergarten structured writing curriculum.

2019-2020 Foundation Meeting Dates

The Somerset Elementary School Foundation has four upcoming meetings. As a reminder, these meetings take place in the Media Center of Somerset Elementary and are open to the community.

EDIT 10/17/19 – the October 22 meeting has been canceled. A new meeting will be scheduled and posted here.

October 22, 2019 at 6:45PM
January 14, 2020 at 6:45PM
March 10, 2020 at 6:45PM
April 21, 2020 at 6:45PM
May 26, 2020 at 6:45PM